Tanzania Safari | Photographed on Film

April 11, 2016


A few images from our time in Tanzania & Zanzibar. It was honestly one of the most wonderful experiences! A country full to the brim with colour and beauty. The people are so kind hearted and sweet natured. One of my fondest experiences was riding a crazy dalla dalla (bus) from the city. It was completely crammed, there was barely room to breath. Then the bus boy passed 5 little school children through the window at the back of the bus. These little cuties sat trustingly on the laps of other commuters. Some fell asleep, some talked about their day with big smiles on their faces. A lady was adjusting the collar of one young boys uniform and gave him a kiss of the forehead when he left. You would think these people knew each other, but they didn’t. It’s just the family orientated nature Tanzanian people posses, it’s truly beautiful to see it manifested in the care, attention and love they show to strangers. The trust and respect the youth have towards older ones is heart warming. Kind of feels weird coming back to a country where just smiling at somebody can result in suspicion.. I miss Africa more and more every day. 

I’m going to divide our trip in to a few blog posts. Starting with Safari! We flew from our base in Dar Es Salaam to Kilimanjaro. There we trekked to our safari lodge just outside the Ngorangora Crater. The Crater is on the Eastern side of the Serengeti National Park and it is full to the brim with animals. It was truly special to see these creatures in the wild. All are equally as majestic and beautiful! How blessed we felt to come so close to some of them.

These images were taken on a Canon 1v using Fuji 400H film. 


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