Choosing the right wedding photographer in the UK

January 16, 2017


Dearest Reader, 

You came across my work somehow, whether through searching google, maybe social media or perhaps I was a recommendation form a friend or relative. Regardless, something appealed, you looked through my online portfolio and hey presto.. you ended up here. Well firstly, welcome! I’m pleased you stopped by! I’d love for you to read on and hear more about me and why I do what I do..

My ethos – I believe that important life experiences should be documented and documented well. Hence why I am a wedding photographer. I want to project what each of my brides and grooms saw and felt on their wedding day, even the things they didn’t see or didn’t pay attention to. I want to revitalise and breath life into the memories from this important life experience. I also believe a person should be photographed in a flattering and beautiful way. I’ve found the best way to do this is by shooting with photographic film. Its gorgeous tones and beautiful grain create the most flattering and timeless photographs. I believe that a wedding should be cherished and that by photographing it with all my heart that is truly possible! 

I work in a way that combines editorial and documentary style photography. I strive to build a layer upon layer of imagery that portrays the trueness of events and weaves in the beauty of your personal style and personalities. I work hard with my couples, consultations and advice are unlimited in the lead up to your wedding. I feel this is imperative because you are letting me in to your life. You are inviting me to roam around your nearest and dearest, you trust me and I trust you. I also want to ensure you get the best advice on the choices you make. Chances are I’ve witnessed a fair few more weddings than you have, so my unlimited resources are available to you. I am also writing  a journal for my clients, a research guide packed with advice, recommendations and inspiring imagery. 

I will always present my clients with something to cherish, my artistic vision combined with a high quality service. Over the past 2 years that I have been photographing weddings I have received a 100% positive feedback from my clients. Now its your turn.. your wedding imagery should be a perfect balance of luxurious editorial photographs and preserved moments, combined with personal and beautiful portraits. That is what I create. I always have and I always will. If you are interested in having your wedding photographed in the way I have described then I think we should talk. Please fill in the online contact form by clicking… here. 

I’m excited to hear all about you and you wedding!

Imogen xoxo





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